Can an non-sentient entity create art.

A paintbrush does not independently
create a painting or a camera cannot select a subject matter.

We propose a new system for generating art. The system generates art by looking at art and
learning about style; and becomes creative by increasing the arousal potential of the generated art
by deviating from the learned styles. We build over Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN),

which have shown the ability to learn to generate novel images simulating a given distribution

(Elgammal, 2017)

Strawberry Vanilla Waffle Cone

We conducted experiments to compare the response of human subjects to the generated art with
their response to art created by artists. The results show that human subjects could not distinguish
art generated by the proposed system from art generated by contemporary artists and shown in top
art fairs.

(Elgammal, 2017) .

Two Stripes, Three

For a computer to make art as a human it would need to self-assess its work and self-
assessment would require a first person perspective which (currently) any kind of
machine does not have. We can use generative algorithms, which give a certain amount
of autonomy, but this is nowhere near the kind of deduction a human can do. But the
belief of generative artists is that generative algorithms create an emergent piece of art
that is independent of the initial creation.

Slicing through the …

In 1939 New York held the World’s Fair and the theme was The World of Tomorrow. At this fair was
a seven-foot tall robot called Electro. The robot could talk with over seven hundred words of
vocabulary using a 78 RPM record player inside its chest and even smoke Camel cigarettes. In a film
made by its creator, George Westinghouse, it showed a family awed by the robot as it told the story of
its creation

(Westinghouse, 1939).


Ghost Riding systems

The assumption was that by the year 2000 we would have robot
servants with super intelligent houses that perform our every wish. But we live in a reality where this
is a long way off. The amount of films and television shows being made around the subject of
artificial intelligence lead us to believe that a self-aware AI being created within the next fifty years.